Translated into German, Polish, Russian, and Spanish, Sniadanko is also a translator herself, with such credits as Czesław Miłosz, Günter Grass, and Franz Kafka under her belt. She has received several prestigiuos residencies and fellowships in both Poland and Germany, and her work is marked by her travels.  Ever sharp, ever sensitive, Sniadanko possesses a wit and perspicacity that render each of her sentences sparkling and all of her interests contagious. Her first novel, The Passion Collection, funny and touching by turn, tells the story of a young Ukrainian woman falling in love with philology while also experiencing her first crushes and first love affairs. 


Literature in Notebooks and Literature in Life: Mysteries of the Male Soul

The days passed, my feelings increased, and humble nighttime scribblings no longer satisfied me. I’d composed multiple notebooks of confessional verse, and yet what had any of this changed? I longed to share my feelings with someone, most of all with Tolya so as to get some idea as to whether or not I could count on his returning them. The only advantage I had over my girlfriends was that no matter how much less they were currently suffering, nor would they ever have any hope of reciprocity.

On the other hand, Tolya’s behavior had not changed at all despite having recently become the center of the universe. Either he was concealing his feelings as diligently as I was, or he felt nothing.

I tried to tell myself that fate could not possibly so cruel as for the latter to be the case, but still I wondered, and with each passing day my desire to find out for sure increased.

I ruminated long and hard as to how to do so, until finally I discovered a way.

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