Pedro Mairal made a splash with his debut novel, Una noche con Sabrina Love, which tells the story of an 18-year-old boy who wins a night with a porn star of his dreams. That book was made into a film by Alejandro Agresti and was widely translated. Mairal has been recognized as one of the most original voices in Latin American literature today, and in 1998 was awarded the Premio Clarín. He is also the author of the book of short stories Hoy temprano and the novels El año del desierto, Salvatierra and La uruguaya. In 2007 he was included in the Bogotá 39, which named the best Latin American authors. 


Verónica wanted to kill time, too, to kill dead time. She was allergic to real time. She couldn’t stand the time in between the moments in her life that she deemed really relevant. She couldn’t stand the dead time she spent at stoplights or waiting in line. The moments when nothing was happening.

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