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Third Latin American Voices for the New Century Conference

"The exciting Third Latin American Voices for the New Century conference will take place on September 14-15 at the A.D. White House; it is organized by the Romance Studies Department and cosponsored by the Latin American Studies Program, the Society for the Humanities, and the Dean’s Office. The conference will present the work of Latin American writers and translators of the new generations, and will explore issues such as influences and new aesthetic projects, the role of translation in the way Latin American literature is being received, the dialogue between the present and the tradition, the tension between writing and mass media and new technologies, the reconfiguration of the role of the writer, and possible paths for the narrative of the coming decades.

Renowned Argentine writer Sergio Chejfec will deliver the conference’s Keynote address. Chejfec, who teaches at the M.F.A program in Spanish at New York University, has been translated to several languages, including English. In addition to him, we will have a very powerful group of writers: Claudia Salazar, Carlos Fonseca, Giovanna Rivero, Mike Wilson, Lolita Copacabana, Hernán Vanoli, Marco Avilés, Jack Martinez, Natalia Chavez, Alexis Iparraguirre, Jennifer Thorndike, Francisco Ángeles, and Ezequiel Zeidenberg; first-rate translators such as Jennifer Croft–recent winner of the Man Booker Prize thanks to her translation of Olga Tokarczuk’s Flights–and Julia Sanches will also be present, as well as noted Latin Americanist scholar Andrew Brown. Some Cornell faculty and graduate students will participate in the conference: National Book Award winner Ishion Hutchinson, Liliana Colanzi, Janet Hendrickson, Francisco Diaz Klaassen, Sebastián Antezana, Liliana Hernandez, and Paulo Lorca.

For information about the conference, please write Edmundo Paz Soldán at"