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Louisa Hall with Jennifer Croft on TRINITY

  • Greenlight Bookstore 686 Fulton Street Brooklyn, NY 11217 (map)

"Louisa Hall, the highly praised author of the novel Speak (which she presented at Greenlight in 2015) returns with a kaleidoscopic new novel, Trinity. Seventy-five years after the launch of the Manhattan Project and the creation of the atomic bomb, J. Robert Oppenheimer remains both icon and enigma. Told through seven disparate, sometimes conflicting “testimonials,” this fictional portrait of Oppenheimer vividly captures the elusive, often contradictory qualities that have clouded the legacy of a monumental, complicated figure central to perhaps the most controversial scientific achievement of the twentieth century. Hall uses Oppenheimer’s story to explore larger questions about truth and betrayal, about public persona versus personal secrets, and about how a legacy can be greater than any one man’s life. Hall discusses her work with Jennifer Croft, award-winning writer and current Cullman Fellow at the New York Public Library, followed by a wine reception to celebrate the book’s launch."