Miłosz Biedrzycki (also known as MLB)  is a Polish poet, translator and geophysical engineer. He is one of the best known poets of the so-called brulion generation. 


Before he died I caught Czesław Miłosz

eating pizza off of cardboard on Senacka Street.

Now I will never be able

to accept his authority.

I mean: he was eating. Wolfing it down. With his hands. He

who purportedly appreciated porcelain. Never.

If we discard the integrity of the work and the life,

what will be left? Anomie.

And you, what’s your grumble? That if you wrote in a poem

how you wring the necks of infants and snarf them up for breakfast?

First of all, we know you by now

and would know that you were kidding.

Most likely. And secondly, even if it were

true, that wouldn’t put you

in a good light at all.

Coming next spring in Apofenie